Swaziland Rural Womens Assembly’s Fight Against Gender Based and Domestic Violence


Swaziland Rural Women’s Assembly on the 23-06-2014( Yesterday) stood in Solidarity with the families that have lost the lives of the 9 in counting young girls to the cruel and abominable acts done by one Mphendulo Msibi.

The organization further called for Government to have The Sexual Offences Bill already being implemented as an Act. echoing the voice of civil society in Swaziland that has been calling for the passing of this Bill into an Act for more than 8 years now.

When the women under the SRWA banner arrived at the Magistrate Court yesterday. They were met with confusion within the administration of the courts. With various stories as to whether Msibi is going to appear on this set date or not. after 3 hours of waiting the executive of the organization after frustrating and delaying enquiries, moving in and out of offices and court rooms where then told that Msibi has already appeared before a magistrate Judge and has been remanded to Zakhele Prison.

The women were not deterred by this and said what was more important of the Day was the message that as SRWA;

@they still relentlessly all for the protection and promotion of women and women’s right better relayed by their message in one of the banners ” Women’s Rights are Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights”

@As women they stand in support of the families of the young girls that have lost their lives.
@As an organization they are still challenging the delay in passing of the Sexual Offences Bill to an Act.
@And that where ever the is suffering, plight they will always be there as the Voice of Solidarity of the Women in Swaziland.

Amandla!!!!!!! to the Guardians of Land , Life and Love