Themed Yenta Kwenteke Make

On the 10th of March 2015 Swaziland Rural Women’s Assembly joined the world in celebrating women their achievements at Mpolonjeni Siteki located in the Lubombo region Swaziland. SRWA counted this celebration to be the 4th since its formation in 2012.

The day being attended by over 600 women included a 1 km march filled with songs and slogans of women empowerment the popular one bieng “watsintsa umfati watsintsa imbokodvo” you strike a woman you strike a rock.

The day commenced with a play that highlighted womens issues including gender based violence; property grabbing and land tenure for women at community level. This play brought to the floor a discussion of existing legislations; bills and policies that should protect women in Swaziland. these including the Sexual Offences Bill;Administration of Estates Act; Draft Land policy and political will in seeing the fulfillment of women’s rights as found in the Constitution of Swaziland.

This approach by SRWA has been found to be the most effective way of having women being involved in discussion;debate; advocacy and lobbying of their own issues and at the same time placing the issues in a public platform through media coverage of their experiences as women in the country.