National Community Parliament in Lesotho


Following the DPE brief to the regional social and civil society movements particularly members of the Southern African People’s Solidarity Network family, SEJUN was invited to the National Community Parliament in Maseru.

This was a platform where community members would be presenting their priorities for the national budget for consideration by different Ministries. These are the issues coming from communities and the Ministries are represented by senior officials who could be Ministers, Principal Secretaries or Directors as the case may be. National Community Parliament ran for two days 26th -27th August 2013. This was believed and meant to have SEJUN observe the community parliament in session and give insight of what it is, an experience that could be adapted as SEJUN gears to run successfully the Peoples Budget Campaign in Swaziland.

Besides observing community parliament, DPE organized for SEJUN delegation to have radio slots in the Lesotho radio Stations and meet some ministers.