2015 Escalades the Release Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini Campaign -Swaziland

maxwell dlamini

The campaign for release  Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini gains momentum in Swaziland. On  Friday the 30th of January in Manzini Swaziland there will be yet another activity further heightening the demand. This campaign activity will be further promoting the on line signing of the petition (http://afrika.dk/indhold/free-mario-masuku-and-maxwell-dlamini) and giving out promotional…

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Campaign to free Mario gathers pace


Hundreds of organisations have signed a petition to demand the release of Swazi political activists Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini, including the African National Congress. 13. januar 2015 Peter Kenworthy I KATEGORI: SWAZILAND Sign petition! You can sign the petition to demand the release of Mario Masuku and Maxwell Dlamini here. Hundreds…

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The 14th – 16th OF August 2014 Rural Womens Assembly; Peoples Dialogue and Southern Africa Peoples Network hosted a summit with over two thousand delegates in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. This summit had become traditional in the SADC regional in that it seeks to represent the peoples movement and their views simultaneously…

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FSEJ/AFRODAD CO HOST Swaziland Loan Contraction Process and Debt Management wORKSHOP


  24TH July 2014 Stakeholders Present. FSEJ Partner Organizations-SEJUN;SRWA;IRALE;SNUS;SWACBTA AND SUDF OSISA CANGO Auditor General’Office Central Bank Members of Parliament. The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) and the Foundation for Socio Economic Justice (FSEJ) co-hosted a workshop for stakeholders to validate findings of research conducted by…

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